Cannabis Industry Professional Association (CIPA)

CIPA is the voice and organization of cannabis and hemp
businesses and professionals in North America.


CIPA works on behalf of cannabis and hemp businesses and professionals in the United States and Canada’s emerging legal cannabis industry. We help our members to grow their business and advance their professional careers. We advocate common sense policies to end of cannabis prohibition, and for a regulated and taxed industry that is safe and fair for all stake holders. CIPA believes that our emerging legal cannabis industry is large, important and sustainable source of good green jobs and revenues for our national, state and local communities.

Our business and professional members are committed to social responsibility and pledged to our Industry Code of Conduct. We recognize that we are an industry of vulnerability and that we must take certain, deliberate and consistent action to protect those that are most vulnerable within the communities that we serve. We are pledged to: obey the law; provide excellence in service to our customers and medical patients; provide dignity, equality and opportunity to our employees; and dedicate our operations to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility in the communities in which we operate. CIPA and its members are dedicated to environmental stewardship and safety throughout our industry’s agricultural, processing and marketing evolution.

CIPA recognizes that fair wages and benefits, as well as a unified skill set and training, for cannabis workers serves the best interests of the industry and our customers. We have a strategic partnership with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) the world’s first and largest union of cannabis workers. Peaceful settlement of grievances and jurisdictional disputes are implemented at CIPA’s national and local levels through cooperative forums.

In recognition that our industry and professionals members are united in commitment to best practices, sustainable economic development, and social responsibility, partnership with labor, business, community and government - we use the brand Union Cannabis. Our association’s strength is unity.